Brake Inspections & Repair

Brake Inspections

Brake inspections are include in our seasonal maintenance packages and are routinely included as a free upgrade with other inspection programs.  One should consider getting their brakes inspected at the changing of the main seasons between winter and spring and again in fall and winter.

Brake Pads, Rotors & Drums

Lube N Go uses a premium brand of brakes and rotors in our regular brake repair service package which starts at $195 per axle.  Call for a quote on either a good better or best quality for your vehicle.

However, there are better quality brake pads and rotors available.  Made out of ceramics or  even graphite for that high end road machine!  You are free to choose what level of quality you would like installed on your vehicle.

Vehicles like Lexus, BMW, Mercedes and Volvo all need the higher grade rotors as required by the factory.  These vehicles usually don’t qualify for the $195 price.

Cheap Economy Brakes

There is a lot of discussion around the cost of brakes.  Why does one set cost double or triple of another set?  Is the mechanic shop just ripping me off?  I doubt it.

There is a line of very cheaply made economy level brakes that are common throughout the industry.  You will see these kind of rotors and pads for sale in the $150 – $180 range. The problem with brakes are usually the rotors.  Rotors cause heat from braking to vent out from the rotor.  The cheaper the rotor the less metal and spoke spacing there is.  The less metal the easier they are to warp and get destroyed.  This quality level of brake will not survive a sudden stop on the 401 from 120 KM down to 30 KM,  If you need to slam on the brakes they will last about once and that will be it.  Same with constant stopping and starting around town.  The heat is too much for these cheaper rotors.  The pads are also cheap and wear down quickly leaving black dust all around your rotors and you can often see the heavy dust on your wheels.  This causes squeaking when dry and fine grain mud when wet. All pads wear out but the cheap ones wear out fast.


Most of the cost of installing new brakes is the labour.  Selecting quality brakes is simply better rotors and better pads.  They last longer and the better the quality the safer you are on the highway and the longer the warranty.  The labour is all the SAME.  It doesn’t cost anymore to put on quality parts than the cheap ones and you will be VERY pleased with the quality and the warranty.

No Economy Brakes

At Lube N Go we have tried them all!  We have sold the cheap brakes to customers where price was the only consideration by the customer… they were repeated unhappy with the poor showing in usage and KM.

We have not sold these cheaper rotors for three years now.  Our $180 break special guarantee has been the lowest priced brakes in the market without using the cheap economy grade pads and rotors.  The wholesale parts costs have gone up to the point we can no longer sell our entry level brake package at $180 without using the cheap rotors and pads.  So we aren’t.

Despite our commitment to keep vehicle maintenance costs low we were recently attacked on the internet for our $180 brake special when it didn’t apply to a customers particular vehicle type.  So unfortunately we have changed to the entry level package to $195.  $195 is the lowest price we can put on a set of quality brakes and pads and feel good about your driving safety and still give you a warranty.  This price still doesn’t apply to all vehicles.  Some vehicles it just isn’t possible.

It’s just not worth it… and we would advise anyone looking for the cheapest brakes to consider stepping up the next level.  The difference is often only $40-$50 per axel and you will have much better quality braking that will last longer and carry a good warranty.

For a further discussion on Brakes What’s Stopping YOU?  Please call our shop.  Love to help educate you on the how and why of brakes.

We are happy to serve all your brake inspection and brake repair needs.