Air Filtration Services | Automotive air filters

Engine Air Filter Replacement

Air filters need to be changed with some degree of regularity.  However not every time you get an oil change.  Don’t be up sold because you don’t understand if the vehicle really needs an air filter change or not.

A clogged or dirty air filter lowers the air intake into the engine and causes more fuel to be burned to get the same driving power.  A dirty filter causes grief.  However, there isn’t any standard for changing these filters.

If you live on a dirt road in the country expect to change it every 30 – 60 days… if you don’t drive much or live in a clean environment then one may be able to go for even a year or more.

Lube N Go techs will be happy to check your air filter… don’t hesitate to ask.

Passenger Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Often the most forgotten air filter replacement.  Many vehicles go for years and years without changing the cabin filter.  Many cabin filters are often hard to get at for testing and take some time to remove the dash or worse under the hood work.  Hence why technicians often don’t check them for free and owners didn’t even know they exist.

To the point these filters become little dirt bricks that inhibit your air flow for heating and air conditioning.  On more than one occasion we have changed a cabin filter instead of “fixing the air conditioning”  easily saving the owner hundreds or thousands of dollars by just changing a $40 filter.

Always check your cabin air filter, it could save you money and will increase the comfort level inside your vehicle.